Workout of the Day


“Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now.”

Coaches Choice

Workout of the day
Core – NOT for time

Part 1 –
3 rounds(@80% effort)
10x Band Rotations Low to High
20x V-Ups
10x Band Rotations High to Low
Rest 2 min

Part 2 –
3 rounds (@80% effort)
15x Weighted sit up
45 sec side plank each side
15 x Strict Toes to Bar

Part 3 –
3 rounds (@80% effort)
8 x Landmine Bar Toss
10x Landmine Rotational Punch
20x Leg Lifts

Skills and Gymnastics day –
Every Thursday will be a Core/skill(Gymnastics or Olympic weight lifting)/Active recovery day format.

We will use this day to spend quality time learning new skills every week. The coach can choose to go over the same skills with the whole class or allow each athlete to choose what they need to work on and provide appropriate progression

Option 1 – 30 min Pick a gymnastics skill for the day and work with athletes.
-Handstand skills – can be handstand push up or walking
-Muscle-up skills – can be Bar MU or Strict MU
-Pull up skill work or Strict pull strength work
-Pistols progressions
-Double under
Learning any new skill work is very taxing on the nervous system, and volume should be low to medium. Encourage athletes to go after the skill they know will show up in the open, and they are not ready yet! 20.1 BEGINS OCT. 10, 2019

Option 2 – Catch up on workout from this week

Option 3 – Aerobic capacity (row)-
Part 1:
15 min row at 8k Pace
Rest 3 min
8 rounds 20 sec max effort sprint
Full Recovery B/T Reps